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Did you know that the millennial buyer of a home out-numbers those from any other generation? This should not surprise. Millennials are at the stage of life where buying a home is still very much part of life. Also, there are more Millennials than Baby Boomers now.


Some interesting findings of a recent survey includes the clear understanding this generation has of trade-offs. These first-time buyers understand that they may have to give up something to be able to afford a home in the near future. With many more things distracting young people these days, home-buyers understand that may take giving up some indulgences to better position themselves for buying a home


Even though the web seems to be a limitless source of information, buyers understand that they need to talk to someone who knows and is local. The fact is that while home-buying is generally the same across the country, there are differences from state to state and in some cases even within the state. As an example, consider that San Francisco has it’s own, tighter regulations.


When talking with a lender, do not get discouraged if they turn you down for a mortgage loan. The fact is, lenders each have their own lending criteria and this varies from one lender to the next. It even varies based on the kind of loan you want. Some loans require larger down payments than others. There are even loans that to not require a down payment of you, whether you are a civilian or in the military or a veteran.

If you want multiple loan quotes based off a single credit inquiry, I do this routinely for my clients. Whether you are a millennial buyer or a returning buyer. I ensure you are getting the best rate I can offer so I check multiple lenders and then I broker the best deal I can. Get in touch (760 622 5087) if you’d like me to do the same for you.