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The affordable home in California. Some people will tell you the previous sentence is an oxymoron. The reality is you can find an affordable home if you are willing to make some trade-offs.

Everyone dreams of owning their own home. Typically, it is a house, plenty of room to grow, close to work (or family or friends or recreation or….), on a tree-lined street where crime is unknown and children can walk to school. Some of this may be possible, perhaps even most of it. However, taking an all or nothing approach is almost certain to  keep you renting. You may think that’s okay. And you will likely change your mind when the landlord raises your rent again.


It’s hard to believe how true this is yet once you start looking for a home, you will quickly realize that not only are certain areas are much more expensive than other but even cottages and shacks are more expensive when the location is desirable. The solution here is to expand the area you are searching. In San Diego this usually means look East.

Type of home

As already noted, even a cottage or a shack can be expensive. Consider looking at townhomes, condos and PUDs (a PUD may look like a townhome but you own the land). These are typically cheaper because less land is involved and in California it is the cost of land that primarily drives the cost of a home.


Sometimes the commute is a concern. Keep in mind that as you get further away from the heart of the developed area(s), traffic becomes lighter so the additional portion of your commute is a lot easier. Some people will organize a carpool, opt for a motorbike (to split lanes and keep moving even when traffic is at a standstill), or ask their employer to telecommute to work for some portion of their workweek. You can even look into a vanpool.

So don’t despair, an affordable home with your name on it is out there. I help people find them every day, so if you need help contact me at 760 622 5087.