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When you PCS

PCS ing is a time of upheaval and great stress, particularly for your accompanying family. You have a very short window of time to make everything happen, the last thing you need is a Realtor® that is not pulling their own weight and getting the job done.

On Your Team

You need a Realtor who will:

  • listen to your needs and turn them into actionable criteria
  • schedule viewings for a single day/weekend of all potential homes you identify
  • get you into purchase negotiations quickly and effectively
  • line you up with a new VA loan that coordinates with your existing loan to close on-time and as-promised
  • explain and help you with paperwork (Yes, there is a lot of paperwork when buying a home in California)
  • schedule home inspections, termite inspections and appraisals as needed
  • make sure there are no loose ends and no surprises
  • be there for your questions after you take ownership of your new home and as you are deployed
  • help you through financial decisions such as should you rent or buy when you get here AND should you rent or sell when you are PCSing out of the area

Whether you are PCSing CONUS to CONUS, OCONUS to CONUS or CONUS to OCONUS, having someone you can rely on for advice and a helping hand is invaluable and frees you up to focus on the move itself. I am here to be that resource for you, as I have been for past clients.

When you ETS

As you prepare to transition out of the service, you are faced with many hard decisions. Should you remain locally or move back to your original home turf? Are there financial advantages and benefits of one versus the other? Should you sell your home here or rent it out? How will these decisions impact your finances and freedom of movement?

These and many other questions need to be explored in-depth to ensure you make the best possible decision. Let’s talk and see how I can help you navigate through of these complex decisions so you can make the best decision for you and your retirement. You can schedule an initial phone consultation here: