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Own Again

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Own A Home After Bankruptcy, Short Sale Or Foreclosure

If you were forced into a bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure, there are paths for you to return to home-ownership.

A few people have been able to balance the need to establish new credit while continuing to meet day-to-day living expenses and even save for the down-payment needed for the house in their future. This is a very small portion of the working population, particularly here in California where everything is so expensive.

Now if you are among the vast majority of people who have not been able to save for a down-payment on your future home, there is very good news! There are several programs designed to help you get back to home ownership right now!

Scenario #1

You have been able to establish new credit and have maintained your payments but you have little to no savings at the end of each month.

Solution #1

Your fairly good credit score of 640 allows you to qualify for a combination of loan + grant + concessions so all you have to pay for is your credit report, professional home inspection and [possibly] appraisal. In other words, for about $1,200 you can move back to home-ownership with all the benefits, including the very sizable tax deductions that will give you a great refund come tax time.

Notice that $1,200 is at least equal to what it will cost you to move to a new rental home.

Scenario #2

You have the money for the down payment yet you can’t seem to get your credit score to rise above 600.

Solution #2

Your fair credit score of 550+ allows you to get a special home loan with a down-payment of 3 and 1/2 percent of the purchase price. In practical terms, a purchase of a $500,000 house means a down payment of $17,500; a town-home of $250,000 would mean half the down payment or $8,750.

Scenario #3

You have been not been able to save or to build up your credit score.

Solution #3

A personalized plan is developed that will get you on the right track and help you qualify for the grants discussed in scenario #1.

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