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Even when you find a home you like, you still have to get your offer accepted. There are many things you can do to get your offer selected over all other offers.

What does the seller want

The first question you should ask is what do the sellers want? This goes well beyond the asking price. Do they need to turn over the home to you after a certain date? Are there items they wish to keep? Are they still looking for their replacement home? Meeting these and any other concerns will get your offer accepted because it is that much more attractive in the eyes of the sellers.

No tradeoffs

In a tight market where buyers outnumber homes for sale, trying to dicker over terms will only help your offer fall out of favor. The sellers have access to the same data you have and can see that there is no problem getting offers. To win you will have to, at the very least, meet their price and their needs.

Respect the contract

Once you have agreed on the terms and their associated deadlines, make sure you meet each and every deadline specified in the contract. This means promptly applying for a loan specifically for this particular home, getting any necessary documentation to the lender, following up with the lender to make sure an appraisal has been ordered and then getting the results by the deadline in the purchase contract.

Other things

You might want to do other things beyond the normal approach. Some people will write a letter telling the sellers how much they like the home. Consult your realtor before you do this or take any other steps you may think will help. Often, what may seem like a good idea will backfire. One thing I definitely do not recommend is “dropping by” or otherwise stalking the sellers. They will quickly turn off no matter how great your offer is.

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