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Moving with pets is just as stressful for your pets as it is for you, so you’ll want to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible when you start packing and hauling your things.

Planning ahead will help you relocate with your pets with the least amount of stress and trouble. Here are some tips to make your move easier:

Place them in a safe room while you pack

To keep your pets from escaping as movers pack and load your furniture into the truck, place them in an empty, well-ventilated room. Some pet owners prefer to keep their pets in the bathroom, since the small space makes it easier to subdue them when it’s time to leave.

This gives you peace of mind as you attend to the minute details of the move. It also puts your pets out of movers’ way, helping to prevent accidents. Let at least one of them know that your pet is in the room.

Pack their things last

Aside from food and water, put their toys, beds, and kennel in the room with them. Being surrounded with familiar objects will help put them at ease even as their daily routine gets disrupted. You can also leave behind an article of clothing that smells of you so that they feel safe.

Keep them in a pet carrier throughout the move

Place them inside their kennel as you transfer from your old home to the new one. Standard practices when traveling with pets apply – keep them contained at all times, refrain from leaving them inside the vehicle in extreme temperatures, and bring food, water, and toys along.

If you’re crossing state borders, you’ll need to present proof of anti-rabies vaccination and a recent health certificate.

Make sure their tags and microchips are updated

If your pets wear collars with tags, you’ll need to indicate your new address and phone number. If they’re micro chipped, you’ll also need to update your contact information with the microchip registry in time for the move. This will make you easy to reach in case your pets escape and someone finds them.

Bring familiar smells into your new home

Upon arriving at your new home, let your pets stay in a safe and comfortable room with their toys and feeding bowls while you unpack and set up the furniture. There will be a lot of new smells in the home, which can make your pets feel insecure.

So before you let them explore the place, you can bring out unwashed linens and old toys, for instance. You can also try rubbing a cloth around their faces and dabbing it on the walls and floors. You can also rub the furniture down with their bedding.

If you and your pets followed a routine in your old place, try to resume it as soon as you can. Your pets will appreciate the semblance of home and moving with pets will be a breeze.

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