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Moving with dependents of any variety is a challenge. You’re adding another layer of boxes to the cargo, plus tending to their emotional well being during a time of transition can be stressful.

Every family with children or pets approaches moving in their unique way, depending on their personalities and parenting style. There is no right or wrong way to handle this time of upheaval, but there are strategies that can make the experience a little less chaotic.

Call In All Your Favors

You don’t have to tackle this entire project by yourself. Gather all the friends and family available to help. They understand this is a high-stress time and will hopefully be willing to lend a hand. Every little bit of assistance goes a long way towards a packed moving van.

If you’re moving out of state or a long distance from your current city, flying your children to your new hometown might not be a bad idea.

Preparing To Move Is a Grand Time For Giveaways

As you begin to organize your kids or pets belongings, take note of what is too small or what goes unused. If you find those stacks are growing, contact a charitable organization and see if they have a need.

You’ll be helping your community and reducing the amount of stuff you have to move at the same time.

This Might Be The Perfect Time For Camp

If having the children or pets in the house while you’re trying to pack is unproductive, consider day camps or pet spas in your area.

Animals tend to get nervous with a lot of activity, especially when suitcases are involved. Children react differently to change, depending on their age.

But, no matter your kids or pets’ ages they all love to have fun and play. They go off, have a fun-filled day with friends, and you get twice the amount of work done. Plus, they come home tired and will likely sleep better after a long day of activity.

Keep Them Healthy and Happy

Before you move, even if it is a local relocation, round up all your kids’ and pets’ medical records. Once you have all the paperwork in hand, it is a prime opportunity to perform a brief audit on what you have and what is missing.

Update shot records, medicine, referrals, or insurance before you move and make sure to pack those items last, and together, so they are all in the same container.

If your pets suffer from anxiety while traveling, make an appointment with their vet to discuss options for keeping them calm.

Check The Weather

We enjoy glorious weather in San Diego, but it doesn’t hurt to check the weather for your proposed moving day, especially if you are moving out of town. Leave the rain gear in a convenient spot just in case.

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