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You can make your move green with a little planning. It doesn’t take much to help the environment when you borrow some old ideas and look around for green service providers.


Instead of throwing away old things, consider donating them. Make two piles, one for donation and one for the trash bin. Careful sorting will make the first much larger than the second. And it will spare the Earth, too.


Whether it is old electronics, batteries, paint or even medications there is a proper place to recycle them. The University of San Diego runs an electronics recycling center located at 5330 Linda Vista Road, San Diego CA 92110 (Or at least they used to before COVID). They will take all your old electronics and even some batteries. Give them a call at (619) 849-8555 if you have any questions about your electronics. Similarly, PaintCare will take your leftover paint. You can find drop-off locations at https://www.paintcare.org/drop-off-locations. Your pharmacy and some police stations will safely recycle your old medications preventing them from getting into the water system.


Instead of using bubble paper and packing-peanuts, consider using old newspapers and magazines. Clothes that are too worn-out to donate can also be used to pack. Pillows can be used for the fragile items. Fill all your suitcases, boxes and bins before you look outside the home. Instead of buying cardboard boxes, consider renting plastic tubs that you return after your move. These can be both more environmentally friendly and cheaper.


Fall back on old tricks to clean your home. Vinegar, baking soda and ammonia can do wonders, just ask your grandparents. These eco-friendly cleaning products can easily replace the chemical alternatives offered at the store. For example, mix baking soda with water for cleaning cabinets. For more tips, visit https://www.treehugger.com/htgg/how-to-go-green-cleaning.html

Don’t be afraid to google your needs. There are many eco-friendly cleaning services, even professional carpet cleaners who specialize in eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Finally, before you rent your truck, measure your boxes in total volume and rent the right size truck. It will save you money on the rental and gas. And it will spare the air as well!