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Why do listing photos matter?

Aside from the fact that nothing is ever really deleted on the Internet, it pays to have photos that look great. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. You’ll need a really good set of photos to do all the talking for you. High quality photos will attract potential home buyers looking for properties online.

  1. Listing photos represent your property.

    These days virtually ALL home buyers begin their home search online. Your home’s photos will bear the first wave of judging eyes. If your photos don’t catch their attention, they will quickly move on to other properties with more compelling photos.

  2. Your listing photos are responsible for First Impressions.

    As the first thing a potential buyer sees online, photos can make and break a sale. A good listing photo will invite a prospective buyer to get in touch with you. A bad one encourages the viewer to move on to the next property.

  3. It helps create a lasting impression.

    Just like any other beautiful photo, a great listing picture will leave a lasting impression generating strong interest in home buyers. They might not contact you right away, but sooner or later they’ll come back to take another look. This time, your listing photos might just be enough to convince them to call you.

To make the most of your listing photos, here are some additional tips:

A professional photographer is worth the investment.

Since first impressions really matter in the world of real estate, hiring a professional photographer with the proper equipment will make all the difference. Professional photographers know what they are doing, you can rest assured your home will be presented in its best possible light.

Don’t list the home until you have photos.

As most home buyers look for real estate information online, a property listing without any photos clearly indicates there is nothing to look at. Even if you upload the photos later on, chances are the potential buyers who already viewed your photo-less listing won’t come back unless they really want to live in your neighborhood.

Staging and listing photos work well together.

Home staging isn’t just for open houses – they’re for listing photos as well! Emphasize your property’s best features while downplaying its imperfections by having your home staged.

Properly lit, high-resolution photos is the goal.

Like any other business negotiation, it’s important to put your best foot forward. A high-quality set of photos should be part of your home marketing campaign, as property photos taken with just a smartphone can be a red flag to some buyers.

Plan the shoot well.

You don’t need professional lighting equipment to show your property in the best light. Plan the shoot accordingly to utilize natural elements such as lighting to create a beautiful set of listing photos.

Likethe photos, there are many other things that can make or break a home sale. Get to know some of these by contacting me today at fakri@fakrizubek.com or 760 622 5087.

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