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A home ownership poll conducted by Google in June 2019 found that many of today’s home owners and would-be home owners agree on the reasons to buy a home.


Far and away, the number one reason cited for owning a home is the stability and sense of security it provides. You are surrounded by like minded people who have a stake in the neighborhood. Like your neighbors, you want to see the area thrive and be happy in your surroundings.

Rent Increases

No surprise to anyone who has been renting in San Diego or even Southern California in general, avoiding another rent increase is the second most-cited reason. This is certainly true when you opt for a fixed rate interest loan. Today there are many ways to qualify for such a loan as well as programs that help middle and upper-middle class buyers with the down payment and even the closing costs (fees) associated with a loan.

Wealth Building

While some may be thinking of buying a home with a second unit in the back or adding on to the home at a later time, just owning the home will help you build wealth. From the very beginning, you are setting aside something for your future. Your first payment will have about a quarter of the payment paying down the loan. This is called equity. With each payment, more of your payment is going to equity in the home.

Leaving Something Behind

If you keep your first loan and the same home, after 30 years you will own the home. Not only will this allow you to have a place to retire, it will leave something to your children. Even if the children sell it to divide up the proceeds, you will still have left them more than you could hope to save over the course of your life. This is because homes are appreciating faster than salary increases.

Better Educational Opportunities

Home owners tend to choose school districts with decent reputations. The educational benefits do not stop there. If a child wants to pursue a higher education, the home owner can refinance their home to get a loan that will be lower than any student loan.

Better Health

As it is your home, you can choose what to do with it. This includes opting for wood floors instead of carpeting to decrease allergies. You can paint with the latest lead-free paints. Even before doing anything to the home itself, you can choose a home far from a known pollution source.

As you can see, the home ownership poll found that almost 3 to 1 of those polled found benefits to home ownership. You can do the same by contacting me at 760 622 5087 or [email protected] I will show you how to qualify for the loan and get the down-payment & fees paid for you. And, of course, how to find and buy the home.

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