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Some say the hardest part in moving houses is having to say goodbye to the place you once called home for a period of time. It’s an emotional trip, but for me, the hardest part in moving homes is having to pack and unpack everything in an organized manner. To help you move to your new home, I’ve listed a couple of reminders that should make things easier and more efficient for you.

1. Create a timeline. Moving homes doesn’t take a day to finish — it usually takes place over a couple of weeks. Having a schedule to stick to will help you tick off important must-dos before the actual big day.

2. Update your information. Moving homes is not limited to transferring furniture and decor from one place to another. Make sure to update or transfer all important information, particularly on all the utilities you’re responsible for. This includes billing information for electricity, water, credit card, and the like. To make sure you don’t forget, schedule this early on your timeline.

3. Stock up on packing supplies. Some of us will resort to cramming, but buying packing supplies on the cheap can save you a lot of money. Call up a furniture store and don’t hesitate to ask for used boxes; furniture boutiques usually keep a wide range of sizes. You can also find used boxes from the office you work in, or ask your friends if they have some. After all, why spend for boxes and tape when you can get them for free? If, however, you really want to use brand new boxes, you can score great deals at http://uline.com.

4. Take measurements. Come moving day, the last thing you want to discover is your sofa or dresser not fitting well with your new home’s space. Never forget to take measurements and note them down — that way, you can make sure that your furniture will fit in your new home any way you want it. Taking measurements is also wise especially if you’re contemplating on getting new furniture, fixtures, or applying wallpaper.

5. Hire a truck weeks before moving day. This way, you can advise the moving company you hired should there be change in plans. U-Haul is the most recognized company for local relocations, but don’t hesitate to look for other brands online or through trusted family and friends.

6. Pack an overnight bag. So you’ve moved. You’re spending your first night in your new home, and you realize most of your stuff are still in the boxes. You’re tired and you want to rest, but you just have to unpack. Avoid that scenario by packing an overnight bag filled with a fresh change of clothes (or two) and hygienic essentials, to name a few. That way, you can actually rest after moving everything and save the unpacking for the next day.

There is still so much ground to cover when it comes to moving, but these six tips will help make moving easier for you. For more helpful information, check out https://www.moveme.com/moving-guide and http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/organizing/tips/a18092/moving-checklist/ and https://www.moneysavingpro.com/blog/moving-checklist/.