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Home Loans

NOTE: Learn how to Buy A Home With Down Payment Assistance with classes offered by San Diego Community College – Cesar Chavez campus (1901 Main Street, San Diego CA 92113).

There are many myths floating around regarding home loans. Among them:

  • you must have perfect credit
  • you must have a down payment
  • you must never have had a bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • you will be rejected just because credit is hard to get these days
  • interest rates are too high
  • you will never be able to improve your credit score
  • self-employed people can’t get a home loan


As an independent broker for both home loans and homes, I will show you how

  • you can qualify even with credit scores in the 500s
  • you can skip the down-payment altogether with scores in the 600s
  • you can increase your credit score (it’s easier than you think)
  • you can qualify for assistance programs even with a bankruptcy or foreclosure in your past
  • self-employed people can get a loan just like anyone else
  • you can get a loan in spite of other lenders saying “No”
  • interest rates will be at the market rate, not higher
  • to use your loan to buy a home where you want to live

Every day I speak with people who want to buy a home, feel they are not ready and are not sure what to do. Equally distressing, there are people who are convinced they need to save much more to qualify. Certainly, it will be easier to qualify for loan if you have piles of money saved up, but it’s not necessary if you have fair credit or better.

Assistance For Everyone

You may think that assistance programs are limited to very low income earners or can only be used to by a home in certain areas. The fact is that there are many different kinds of assistance programs (I work with 26 of them as of this writing). While a few limit their assistance to those most in need, today there are programs for middle income and upper-middle income earners. There is even one program that does not place a cap on how much income you can earn. And almost all of these programs allow you to decide which home you will buy and where.

Each Case Is Different

Each borrower brings their own needs and circumstances so a discussion is vital if you are to succeed in getting a loan. Tying your hopes to one of the big name lenders means subjecting yourself to their standards. As an independent loan broker, I am responsible for qualifying you for a loan that meets both your needs and your situation. I have many contacts in the industry to make this happen for you. Use the link below to schedule a time to discuss your needs. It will be the most informative phone conversation you will ever have about buying a home.