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Getting ready to show your home will cause your Realtor advertise it using phrases like “shows beautifully.” This expression is code speak letting fellow Realtors know a home is ready for public viewing.

There is no set standard, but one category of preparing your house to show is to make arrangements for your pets. If you have dogs, cats, a bird, or even a hamster, make your agent aware of them. Ask the Realtor to note the presence of animals in the listing and showing instructions.

You might have buyers who are allergic or fearful of animals. As a courtesy, please give notice to anyone entering your home.

How Do I Attain a “Shows Beautifully” Rating?

An occupational hazard of sorts for a Realtor is the unexpected. This statement is somewhat of a blanket. I’m referring to the condition of a home and the level of preparedness on the part of the owner.

While getting your home ready to show, keep in mind the goal is to strike a balance between stark and disarray. Homes that are completely empty are uninviting, but then cluttered spaces are distracting. Aim for an inviting ambiance with minimal décor.

Use this time, before opening your doors to strangers, to begin sorting or packing. Eventually, your possessions will need bubble wrap or boxing, and there is no time like the present.

Keep in mind, too that possible buyers open drawers, cabinets, and closets. Consider off-site storage to provide the perspectives a blank slate in the garage or closets. You’ll reduce clutter while preparing for the move. If not within your budget, at least stack the boxes in the center of the garage so that buyers can still walk around and get a feel for the size of the garage and any storage cabinets, laundry nook or other features.

Devote Time to Repair or Refresh

Creating a welcoming environment is one phase of getting your home ready to show, another is addressing any lingering maintenance issues.

Take a walk throughout, maybe enlist the help of a new perspective, i.e. friend or family member, and canvas your home and property. Take note of any potential blemish, like water stains, cracks in the mortar, or washed out areas on the grounds, to formulate a fixing strategy.

Generally speaking, homes with minimal repairs sell faster and with less negotiation than their counterparts.

Hire A Professional

An alternative route to doing the prep work yourself is to hire a professional. Experts are available to come in and guide you through the process of deciding what stays and what goes to storage.

Usually, qualified home staging specialists are interior designers with an insider’s perspective on the latest home-selling trends.

Drafting a licensed landscape contractor is something else to consider if your curb appeal needs a lift. As with interior fashions, there are trends in landscaping preferences.

These themes could include installing low-maintenance or drought-tolerant plants, rainwater collection systems, solar garden lights, or other environmentally-friendly upgrades.

Additional Professional Resources

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