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If you are a first time seller, think back to buying your first home. Do you remember how exciting, and occasionally terrifying, the experience was? Applications, inspections, the endless weighing of pros and cons, plus making a financial leap of faith – all part of the process.

You survived, and here you are on the opposite side of the equation, preparing to sell a home for the first time. This position can be as equally unnerving as buying a home. Where do you begin to prepare your house for sale? I’ve compiled my top seven steps to help you plan.

7 Tips for the First Time Seller
  1. Take inventory of the fundamentals like the roof, windows, walls and foundation of a single-family home. For condo or townhome owners, inspect common walls, ceilings, flooring, entryways, and outdoor balconies or patios. During this initial walk-through, take note of any cracks, leaks, discoloration, as these areas will require repair or explanation later. Potential buyers usually ask about the age and condition of the roof, air conditioning/heating unit, water heater, and appliances. Have any documentation detailing repairs or replacement ready for your REALTOR to use in their listing packet for buyers.
  2. Price it right initially to capitalize on the most active period; the first 30 days after your home appears on the multiple listing service websites. Buyers are savvy and know when a home is overpriced. Listing it near the appraisal value will attract qualified buyers.
  3. How does it look to potential buyers? We express our personal style through color choice and decor, but our preferences might not be in line with future owners. Neutral colors palates and minimal personal effects allow aspiring buyers to estimate how their belongings will fit in the space.
  4. Quality photographs that capture the property in the best light, usually early morning or evening, will appeal to prospects and garner attention. Prepare for the pictures by cleaning each room thoroughly, or viewers will look at your stuff instead of the house. And don’t forget about the landscaping, curb appeal sells homes.
  5. Address maintenance issues inside and out, so you can fix the concern or reduce the price according to the problem. Cracks in the brick mortar, damaged stairs or handrails, holes in the soffit or fascia will appear on the inspection report, and it’s best to be proactive in these instances.
  6. Stage your home appropriately with the less-is-more concept in mind. Decluttering is the first step. The buyer’s interest is in the available capacity, so the strike a balance between clear and visual reference points. Clean closets, storage rooms, cabinets, but also welcome guests by setting the table and arranging furniture to invite them inside.
  7. Bring in an additional set of senses to point out any overlooked details like pet hair or odors, crooked lampshades, missing light bulbs, or dust bunnies. It is easy to pass by items you see every day.
Feeling Overwhelmed?

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