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First Time Buyers

To apply for a home loan online, visit my ultra-secure survey page and answer some questions. Apply Online

How The Home Loan Process Works

Step 1: You click  on the button and answer some questions.

Step 2: I use your answers to determine if you qualify for a loan. Either way I tell you the results, usually the same day (the next day for inquiries during non-business hours). With the results, you are asked to upload some documents if you want to continue the loan application.

Step 3: Once I have your documents, I run your credit report and begin the formal loan application. I tell you the details of the loan (how large of a loan, the down payment assistance involved, the interest rate, your monthly payment, what it covers, etc)

Step 4: You search for a home within your budget.

Step 5: When you find the home, I get you the loan and the assistance in time to close escrow and get the keys to the home.

Whether you need the down payment assistance or simply want to buy your first home, this page has your solution. Bookmark it as you’ll be coming back to it time and again.

Regardless of the path you are on, 10 years-of-savings-to-the-down-payment OR don’t-think-I-qualify, there is a loan for you. The loan solution will vary depending on your circumstances. In 15 years of helping people, I have always been able to find a solution to buyers’ needs. The key is an open and frank discussion to determine the issue(s) and the options available.

The loans I offer are many and, most importantly, they are all at wholesale rates. What does this mean for you? It means no premiums or mark-ups. You save each and every month with a lower monthly payment. I offer all the typical loans (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, FHA, VA), and I offer down payment assistance, no fee loans, loans for the self-employed, the semi retired, and for investors. There are high balance, jumbo and alternative loans.  You save both on the fees and the interest you pay.

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What if I don’t have the down-payment on this loan?

I have loans with a smaller down-payment. I even have loans where you only need the Earnest Money Deposit to show good faith when making an offer.

Isn’t there an income limit for assistance programs?

There are assistance programs geared to every level of income, including people making well into 6 figure levels. Even if the combined income of all the borrowers should total up to 7 figures, there is still an assistance program specifically for these cases.

What if my credit is not so good?

I have loans for credit scores all the way down to 500.

What if I am self-employed or working on a contract basis?

I have loans for the self-employed, even if your tax returns show little or no income after deductions.

I had to declare bankruptcy a couple of years ago. Can I get a loan?

Once you have passed the 2 year mark from the date of discharge on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there’s a home loan for you. On a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are immediately eligible.

I am semi-retired and only working for spending money. Can I get a home loan?

Yes, I have loans for people in your situation.

I have been told I can not get a loan to buy another property because I already have too many. Can you help?

Yes, I offer loans with no limits on the number of properties you own or mortgages you hold.

What if I have some combination of these circumstances?

I have home loans for almost any circumstance. The best way to determine which options apply to your situation is a discussion. Sign up here Apply Online and we’ll talk. If you’d rather just talk, contact me.