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The market for homes in San Diego is decidedly tight these days. Finding that elusive home  may feel more like a treasure hunt than a search for a home. The problem may seem like it is resolving itself as more home owners list now that we are in the Summer months. The reality is that there are also more buyers in the Spring and Summer, and to a lesser degree in the Fall. So what can you do to find this seemingly elusive home?

Walk The Neighborhood

If you know where you wish to live, consider walking the neighborhood and chatting with local homeowners. Take the time to explain that you’d like to move there. Ask if they know anyone who is considering selling. You may have to deal with a few “Don’t know anyone”s before you come across someone who is helpful. However, it could well be your path to connecting with a potential seller even before they have hired a realtor to list their home.

Look At The Homes

As you walk the neighborhood, look for homes where the lawns haven’t seen a lawn mower in weeks. Maybe the paint looks like it is a couple of decades old. Does the roof looks like it has seen better days? Maybe someone would like to sell but can’t afford to make the repairs needed to get the best price. If you are ready to take on some work you can buy the home As-Is before it goes on the market. You may be tempted to forego using a Realtor to save paying the commission, but this would be a mistake. A Realtor can hire all the appropriate inspectors whose reports will help buyer and seller understand the true value of the home. Consider asking the seller to split the cost of the inspections to remove any lingering doubts. The seller can credit you inspection expense through escrow.

Look For Home Owners In Trouble

You may not have the time to go to the Recorder’s office and look up all the homes likely to fall into foreclosure. Your Realtor has access to this information and understands the process of foreclosure. You will need a Realtor with SFR or CDPE certifications/designations to be working with a specialist in this field.

Predictive Data/Websites

While there are plenty of vendors and websites claiming to be able to predict future patterns, this Big Data approach is in still in it’s infancy. It is prone to incorrectly identifying homes/residents as headed for foreclosure when no such thing is on the horizon.

Your best chance for success is be flexible as to where you want to live. Focus more on being the winning bid with the next offer you make rather than trying to negotiate a better price. All the buyers I have worked with will agree that flexibility allowed them to be in their new homes. For help with affording that elusive home and how to find it, call/text me at 760 622 5087 or e-mail me at [email protected]