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Finding buyers can be a problem these days. As far back as April 10, 2018 the National Association of Realtors Economists’ blog ( “First-Time Buyers Sidelined by Lack of Supply and Rising Prices,” ) discussed the slow-down in new construction. This continues with no ending in the near future, particularly of entry-level homes. This is making life very difficult for first-time home buyers as, here in California and particularly in San Diego county, there are still many home buyers chasing far too few homes for sale.

Current Market

This continues to result in sales for near-asking, and sometimes above-asking, price.  The number of days on market has increased but remains very much in favor of the seller. That is, a home sells in just over a month. The rule of thumb is that a home needs to be on the market for more than 6 months before the market favors buyers. The latest statistics (January 2023) sees sales at 96.1% of asking price. Most of these sales happening within a few weeks of the home being listed for sale. Needless to say, this is when the home is properly priced.

You do not need to hire an appraiser to get a handle on what your home is really worth. You just need to work with someone who considers the condition of your home as they compare it to homes in your particular area. This is the starting point to come up with a value for your property. It is this human component that can not be replaced by computer-generated valuations. So don’t be surprised if the value you end up with is quite different from what you found on some website. If you could automate the valuation by simply entering your address and contact information, appraisers would be permanently unemployed.


Consider selling your home. This is an excellent time as you will have far less competition from other sellers. Also, you will have no trouble finding buyers out there who can’t find one for sale. And if you need to downsize, this is an excellent time to act. You will be buying your smaller home before the wave of retiring baby-boomers grows any larger, as it is sure to do in the coming months and years.

If you need help valuing your home, planning your move and finding an appropriate next home, let me know.  We can discuss everything on your mind. From the current value of your home, to any updates that might add to the home’s value. We will also discuss how to balance the need to sell with the need to buy. Even how to maximize your profits from the sale while minimizing both the immediate and future taxes.