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Finding a home that you can afford can be challenging these days. Prices have risen by double digits, there are fewer sellers these days and financing with a reasonable monthly payment remains the biggest concern for many buyers.

Finding the home

In terms of finding your first home, your best strategy is to keep an open mind. You have the most options by considering homes outside specific preferences. Narrowing down prematurely leads to disappointment and delays. Review your mortgage options with a loan originator, see what you can afford within your budget and then see where there are homes in your price range.


Home prices have risen very fast these last couple of years. Most likely, increases will be more modest in the near future before they take-off again. This is the typical pattern when price appreciation out-paces income appreciation. You’re better off buying as soon as possible as there will still be appreciation in the future, just not as great. So buy today and start benefitting from future appreciation.


With fewer sellers today and nowhere near enough new home construction this century, selection is limited. It will remain this way for years to come. When a home comes on the market, try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The smaller pool of available homes for sale means they sell much, much faster than in the past.  Keep in touch with your Realtor updating them on your changes in preferences, plans and anything else that impacts your home search.

Affordable payments

While it’s great to buy a home and still keep the rest of your interests (such as travel, fashion, dining out, etc), in much of California this is simply not possible. Income being relatively fixed, some trade-offs are necessary to become a homeowner. There are exceptions to this. You can rent out a room or two. A large down payment will also reduce your monthly payment. Or you can buy a smaller home, possibly even out of area. If the latter, keep in mind the cost of commuting to work.

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Finding a home

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