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Fall home buying is a second chance at finding the home you want.

The Sellers

Some sellers wait to see how homes appreciate over the summer before listing, while others need to list due to personal reasons such as work re-location. Typically sellers who have their home on the market into the Fall are serious about wanting to sell the home. These sellers will put up with visitors during the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas holidays to find their buyers. They are usually more amenable to modifications or their expectations. As long as everyone remains reasonable, an agreement can be formed.

The Buyers

Fall is when the most serious Buyers are still searching for their next home. Usually they can not find the right combination of features or the desired neighborhood. They are serious enough to keep looking even as this search is taking time away from enjoying the holidays. Typically, they have pared down their wish list to must haves. Sellers willing to meeting these reduced expectations will find ready buyers.

The Market

A smaller selection of homes will mean fewer choices but more open-minded parties to the potential transaction. Even the professional service providers will work diligently to make this happen. Both Realtors, the lender, appraiser, escrow officer, title officer through to the Notary Public overseeing the final signing. All are motivated to make this happen in spite of the reduced work hours due to the holidays. Even taking title on New Year’s eve is not unusual.

So don’t let the season deter you from Fall home buying. The number of competing bids will be smaller, the seller will be more apt to listen and negotiate and you can still make it happen within the calendar (tax) year. If you need help with this more compressed buying time, contact me at 760 622 5087 or fakri@fakrizubek.com for full service. From the home loan to the home purchase, I cover it all.

Happy holidays!

Fall Home Buying