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Choosing a home is simple for some and more complicated for others. Family size, lifestyle, budget and other factors play into the decision. The image (courtesy of the California Association of Realtors) summarizes the results of a recent survey. What od home buyers say is important to them? From personal experience, I can tell you that it is the buyers who are willing to be flexible that succeed in find a home. Even in this tight housing market. I agree it is important that your new neighborhood meet most of your needs. I recommend that you do not fixate on a particular street unless you are willing to wait a very long time. It could be years and you might have pay full price or more.

Additionally, consider that studies of what makes us happy find that it is not the size of our bank account. Or the car that we drive. Not the house that we own. In fact, the number one factor in our daily happiness is the length of our daily commute. Year after year, this is the factor at the top of the list. Consider this carefully if you are choosing to live far from your workplace.

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