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One of the big decisions everyone faces is buy now or wait? The media is starting to trumpet the bursting of the bubble in home prices and the economy in general. How true this is will depend largely on where you are. Undoubtedly, there will be parts of the country where we will see price declines. San Diego county will likely avoid this scenario and much more likely will settle into a much slower rate of appreciation.

County planning

San Diego county has a planning commission that projects housing needs five years in to the future. For many years now they have projected a need for 15,000 new homes per year for the next five years. This is just to meet current needs. Pick any year you want in the last 10 years and you will find that building permits never came close to more than a third of the projected needs and rarely did we see that half of the building permits issued  actually turned into construction of buildings.


Anyone who lives here for any period of time becomes aware of just how much the military and their families are a part of the local economy. For years now we have been hearing about the presidents’ desire to project American military might into the Pacific. San Diego is already a Navy town. It has the military facilities in place. About three years ago, the Navy announced plans to move 15,000 personnel (with their families) to San Diego. All these people will need to live somewhere.


Keeping in mind these factors, investors are actively out there snapping up every home they can find. They don’t simply fix and flip these homes. They rent them out seeking long term appreciation. When you look back over the last 10 years, we see rents almost tripling (more than tripling in some areas) and the landlords can keep raising rents as long as we continue to fail to build more homes.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are currently at historic lows. If you are looking for a deals, you will never find a better one than a loan today. The price you pay for the home is a distant second to the reality of what is your monthly payment. These super low interest rates will guarantee you a low payment now and into the future.

The best possible advice you will get this year is to stop pondering whether to buy now or wait and simply go out there and buy a home. Five years from now you will see it as the best decision you ever made.

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