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Are you starting to get claustrophobic in your home? Do you wish for more space for you and your family? Maybe you have outgrown your current home and you are thinking of moving someplace bigger and better.

Before you start indulging in fantasies of moving to a bigger home, ask yourself the following questions to determine if you are indeed ready to trade up.


  • Can you afford it? – Moving to a bigger home in a bigger neighborhood will definitely cost you more. This will entail a mortgage payment That is higher than you are accustomed too. More rooms, floors, and outdoor areas will also contribute to an increase in maintenance fees.How will these additional fees affect your budget? Will you have to let go of certain luxuries? If you do not have to make too many trade-offs and you are in good financial standing, moving to a bigger home is something you should definitely consider.


  • Are your finances in good shape? – Purchasing a new, bigger home will require you to get a new mortgage. Requirements may be different now than when last bought a home. Your credit history, income, debts, assets, and more will be subjected to scrutiny once again to make sure you can afford it.There is a good chance you have taken good care of your credit since the last time. If That is the case, you have the green light. If, however, your credit rating has suffered over the past few years, use the time to improve it first before upsizing.


  • Can you sell your current home? – If you are fortunate enough to be done with the mortgage on your current home and you have enough funds to purchase a new, bigger one, then great! You are definitely on the path to upsizing.Most people, however, are still in the middle of paying their mortgage and still have liens on their current home. Further, most people rely on the profit they will make to buy their future home. Some can shoulder two mortgages at the same time, but this is the exception and it will be hard on them. It is also a risky move to depend heavily on the profit from the sale. What if they do not make enough profit?


  • How will this affect your life? – Moving to a bigger home can take some time getting used to, especially if you are used to living in smaller homes. It can affect your social status, especially if you end up moving in a much nicer neighborhood than your friends or family. It can move you closer (or farther) to schools, work, and other services. As mentioned earlier, it will likey increase your expenses.If upgrading to a bigger home affects all aspects of your life positively, then by all means, go after your dream!


If you are looking to make an upgrade, you should not let other trivial things get in your way. For more information about trading up from your current home to a bigger one, contact me today at 760 622 5087 or click here and I will happily help you make your dreams come true.