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Client Service Philosophy


My client service philosophy can be summed up by three words: education, commitment, and satisfaction.

One of my priorities is to always keep my clients well-informed. Clients equipped with the right information ultimately know what is best for themselves. To this end, I am able to assist them by going over the listing or offer-to-purchase contract in detail, so they completely understand what they will be signing. To further illustrate potential outcomes, I use real-life examples whenever possible.

As I accompany clients to look at homes, I offer my observations on all of the positive and negative aspects of the property so nothing is overlooked, allowing them to make more solid judgments.

Once we get to offers and counteroffers, clients discover the value of my experience. Instead of focusing solely on a home’s price, we consider other factors whether intrinsic to the home or relating to the local housing market, or involving a combination of both. As we proceed into negotiations, I make it a point to have an in-depth discussion of all of the terms and conditions, so clients feel comfortable and have full knowledge of what is being conceded in order to achieve terms more important to them.

Effective communication is the key to success

I strongly believe that excellent service comes from great communication – when clients know exactly what they can expect from my services, they also gain a better understanding of what they can do on their end in order to bring about a successful conclusion.

Effective communication does not only involve the ability to convey information, but the ability to successfully receive and process it as well. I take pride in my unparalleled listening skills – I ask the right questions and take the time to fully internalize their goals, allowing me to effectively guide them towards the right direction, whether they’re buying or selling a home.

I also recognize the importance of a client’s role in communication – in real estate, a client is a valuable piece of the puzzle as they can provide essential information that can ultimately pave the path towards their success. By asking clients key questions, I bring to light some important subjects they may have overlooked, which not only gives them a better understanding of the situation, but allows me to gain a better understanding of their goals.

As a professional broker, I also acknowledge that effective communication should not only exist between myself and the client, but should extend to other parties involved as well. Maintaining open lines of communication to everyone involved in a real estate transaction benefits all parties, making the entire process smoother, faster, and more stress-free for everyone.

Passion for what I do

In addition to having the skills needed to provide stellar service, I also have a tremendous amount of passion for what I do. As a real estate professional, I consider this the driving force behind my success.

My passion is what allows me to put my clients’ interests above mine, seek out better solutions for solving potential problems, and effectively assist all of my clients through each step of the home buying and selling process.