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Many home buyers ask me to find them a fixer home. Maybe they want to save some money. Or afford a larger home, or a better neighborhood. Sometimes all of these things and more. While there is no formal definition of a fixer home, we can all agree that the home in question will need work. This is where buyers need to beware of their ability to underestimate the repairs/improvements needed. Especially what these will cost the buyers both in dollars and time.

Estimating Repairs

The rule of thumb to keep in mind is that no matter what you estimate, the project will likely take more money and more time than you thought possible. If this is your first home improvement project, it will likely take far more money and time than you thought.

Types of Home Improvers

A Home Projects Council survey found people fall into one of 5 distinct home improvement personalities. There is the Sensible Improver (age 52 to 70) who typically focuses on projects to make the home more comfortable and inviting. All the way to the Extrovert (age 38 to 51) who happily takes on major projects intended to make an impact on their home. You will have fun while finding some useful information in these infografics. Maybe you can even spot yourself in one of the descriptions. Enjoy!

If you are looking to stretch your budget to maximize your buying options, let’s talk. Let me show you options you may not have considered that allow you to buy more home with a smaller down payment. There are no requirements on where the home needs to be. Household income limits reach well into middle income. I even have a program for people in the higher income brackets.

Let’s get you started before interest rates rise any further. Call or text me at 760 622 5087.

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