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If it’s been 10 years from when you purchased your home, here are 9 fix-it projects you need to seriously consider:

-Get new carpet, particularly if you are selling the home. Chances are your current carpet is showing its age, what with wear and stains and perhaps even the choice of color.

-Replace the hot water heater. San Diego water is somewhat corrosive so a 10 year old water heater is likely on it’s last legs. Avoid a flood and its resulting water damage by replacing the tank before leaks.

-Update the ceiling fan. If the fan’s light bulbs are burning out more frequently, it is probably time to consider a new fan.

-Buy a new dishwasher. Like your water heater, the dishwasher is cycling water so it is subjected to the same effects. The upside is the newer models are more efficient and you can even consider a “quiet” dishwasher so you can save money and your hearing over time.

-Replace the garbage disposal. Most disposals will stop working altogether (the motor hums but nothing happens) as they age. Even the mid-range models will have blades that get dull over time making them in effective before the motor dies.

-Replace the washer and dryer. Like so many other things in the house, time and use takes its toll on these appliances. As with the dishwasher, you will likely end up with a more efficient model when you buy the new ones.

-Repaint inside and out. It will give the home a face-lift, allow you to express your individuality and provide protection against the sun, not to mention our too-infrequent rains.

-Re-caulk the tub, shower and sinks. Easy to do it yourself and will prevent water intrusion and its resulting damage.

-Re-glaze the windows. It is far cheaper than replacing them and will help keep out the weather so your utilities bill will be lower.

These 9 fix-it projects will make your everyday living happier and, if you should sell, will translate into a quicker sale for more money.

Inspired by an article in the Council of Residential Specialists’ newsletter.

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