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Working on your home’s curb appeal not only beautifies the surroundings, but it also increases its total property value – a helpful point should you ever decide to sell it in the near future. I’ve come up with the best curb appeal improvements that will give your home exteriors a fresh, updated look.

  1. Paint your front door.

    No need to replace your front door with a new one; a fresh coat of paint will give everybody the impression it’s new. Choose a color that accentuates the overall color scheme of your home’s facade and you’ll be good to go.

  2. Add some porch furniture.

    If you have a front porch, maximize the space by adding a pair of matching rockers or a couple of Adirondack chairs. Ornamental plants that flank the doorway also add some appeal.

  3. Replace porch lighting.

    Some porch lighting look outdate, like tiny sconces. Purchase new ones like pendant lights, and consider adding recessed lighting or solar lights along the front walk of your property.  To keep everything coherent, take time to pick the outdoor lights and make sure they blend well with your home’s architectural style and the landscaping.

  4. Consider hardscaping.

    Hardscaping is fast becoming a trend among home owners. It’s basically adding low stone walls, new paths, or built-in concrete planters. Such elements add some structural play to your yard, and will most likely last for years to come. No need to constantly replace pots!

  5. Don’t forget the sideyard.

    Just because it’s on the sides doesn’t mean your sideyard doesn’t deserve some tender love and care.  Invest on attractive and durable fencing, and take some time to clear out weeds. That way, you can lay out a neat path that will directly take you and your guests to your backyard in style.

  6. Go for flowers.

    Lush landscaping is indeed a sight for sore eyes, but colors, especially perennials, will liven up your front lawn all year.  This will also make your home easily stand out – a good thing if you’re selling the property any time soon.

  7. Update your door with a new knocker.

    New hardware in a glossy finish can easily update even the plainest door in the neighborhood.  Look for something that complements the door style and its color, and you’ll have one hell of a classy door as a result.

  8. Complement your house style with plantings.
    Some architectural styles specifically go well together with a set of plants and trees. Take modern homes for example – such properties are usually accentuated with spiky-leafed plants, succulents, or minimalist-looking plants. It helps create an overall cohesive look.
  9. If you’re living in the city, personalize your home’s exterior.

    I’m not talking about big upgrades. Add window planters, install good lighting and visible house numbers, or even glossy black shutters to create some curb appeal in your city lifestyle. This will also help your friends spot your home even from a distance.

  10. Don’t forget the garage door.

    If you have one, strip off old layers of paint and brush on a fresh coat to make it look new and updated.

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