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The Freedom To Pursue The Home You Want

As an Independent Broker of both homes and loans, I offer solutions to your needs. I work with you to find you the right loan, and down-payment assistance (if needed), to get the right home. I make the whole experience as trouble-free as possible. The loan sets the home-buying budget. The assistance program covers the entire down-payment. Then you tell me which areas or homes you’d like to see. It’s that simple. If you have a home to sell, I’ll value it together with a net sheet so you know your profit from the sale. I also discuss options for the interim period when you are buying one house while the other one is for sale, and/or how you can use it as a rental property.

Areas of Expertise include:

First time buyer

Move-Up buyers

Buyers returning to home-ownership after a setback

Military Relocation

Seniors and downsizing-buyers

Short-sales and Foreclosures

I welcome people with fair credit and/or other credit challenges. There are solutions for every credit score. With all of this and more, you will have the home you choose so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Schedule a time to discuss this by phone and get answers to your questions.  Let’s talk soon.





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