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Put low, wholesale interest rates to work for you by refinancing your current home loan.

Lowering your monthly payment is simple and straight-forward. I am available when you have questions or concerns, just reach out to me at 760 622 5087.

Get started on refinancing your loan by visiting my secure site fakrizubek.zipforhome.com Get Started

Once I have your information, I will confirm how much of a refinance loan is available to you. I do not run your credit until you decide you want the loan.


Refinance loans offering wholesale rates:

  • Normal (Rate and Terms) refinance loans
  • Refinance loans with Cash Out from your equity in the home
  • Debt-consolidation loans
  • Refinances for self-employed borrowers
  • Refinances for semi-retired borrowers
  • Reverse loans for fully-retired borrowers

If you have questions or concerns you can call/text me at 760 622 5087 or email me at fakri@fakrizubek.com